Surat CA Premeir League – 6 (SCPL-6)




Rules for the Tournament

  1. The total number of teams participating would be 16.
  2. Tournament will be played by New Centre Court Heavy Tennis Ball. Power Play overs will be played with new ball only, if in any circumstances; new ball is lost during the power play, another new ball will be provided to resume.
  3. Only ICAI Members, registered at Surat Branch, are eligible for participation in the tournament, hence it is compulsory to provide the list of players with their membership nos. at the beginning of the tournament. Each player is requested to keep his identity card issued by the Institute.
  4. A team can enlist a maximum of 14 players. No changes will be permitted once the schedule is allotted to the teams.
  5. Uniform will be given by the Coordinators of Surat Branch of WIRC of ICAI. It is compulsory for each team to wear T-Shirts (provided by the Branch) & Track pants with Sports Shoes.
  6. Each team to play maximum of 4 matches in the league rounds.
  7. Each match will be played for 10 Overs. However the same may be reduced due to unforeseen circumstances like weather, dew, bad light or as per time available for the match etc. However, minimum number of overs cannot be less than 5. In other words to have match on hand, minimum 5 overs are mandatory. In the absence of match, each team will be awarded equal points.
  8. Each match will be completed in 90 Minutes with 5 Minutes of Innings Break. For delay appropriate overs will be reduced.
  9. Five (05) bowlers have to bowl 2 Overs in a 10 over match and shall be reduced proportionately in case overs are reduced.
  10. There would be a field Restriction for 3 overs in each inning in which First 2 overs consider as mandatory power play and 1 over power play will be taken by batting team between 3 to 7 overs. In mandatory power play maximum 2 players are allowed outside the 30 yard circle and in batting power play between 3 to 7 overs Maximum 3 Players are allowed outside the 30 yard circle.
  11. No EXTRA player other than Squad Players will be allowed in any case in Fielding/Bowling/Batting.
  12. During entire match i.e. from 1st over to 10 over, there would be minimum 4 players inside the 30 yard circle (excluding Wicket Keeper & Bowler).
  13. There will be free hit after every no ball bowled by the bowler.
  14. There will be “Four Groups” in the Tournament – Group A, B, C & D comprising of 4,4,4,4 teams respectively.
  15. Two teams of each group in TOP, will be qualified for the Quarter Finals.
  16. In case of tie of point score, the NRR will be considered Average Runs given and for that NRR Average Run saved would be considered for all matches and not a particular matches.
  17. All Team members have to be present at Reporting Time. At Time of Toss, Each teams will have to submit their final Playing XI. In case of Late Arrival of any Player, He will be allowed to play only if he come to ground and join team within 4 Overs of First Inning of Match. Any Team playing with Less than 7 Players at end of Fourth Over will be disqualified and Opponent will get points.
  18. For on field disputes, the decision taken by filed umpires, match referee & Committee members will be final.
  19. Every match will have a prize for the MAN OF THE MATCH.
  20. There will also be overall prizes for the MAN OF THE TOURNAMENT, BEST BATSMAN, BEST BOWLER & Highest no. of Sixes & Fours.
  21. All decisions of the coordinators of Surat Branch of WIRC of ICAI shall be final & binding on all the participating teams.
  22. The coordinator of Surat Branch of WIRC of ICAI reserves the right to amend the rules before the start of the tournament and also to reject the participation of any team without assigning any reason and without prior intimation.
  23. Final Match will be of 12 overs. Fielding Restriction will be applicable for first 4 overs in which First 3 overs consider as mandatory power play and 1 over power play will be taken by batting team between 4 to 9 overs. Minimum 5 Bowlers can bowl, out of which any 2 bowlers can bowl maximum 3 Overs, rest bowlers are allowed to bowl Max. 2 Overs only.
For more details please feel free to contact Surat Branch of WIRC of ICAI – Ph.: 0261 3599071 / 83
  • Gandhi MAidan
  • Sarsana
  • Surat
  • Gujarat
  • India